The Vancouver #SaltCrisis 2017

It’s #Saltmageddon out there! The extended winter weather in the Lower Mainland has created significant ice and a #SaltCrisis in the city of Vancouver. With abnormal snowfall and unexpected weather on the coast (and across Canada), the salt stocks are low and the suppliers are taxed.

This is not the first time chaos has emerged due to a shortage. In November 2006, a “boil water advisory” in Vancouver led to a shortage of water bottles within the region. And, in the interior of BC, fuel shortages occurred during the Fort McMurray Fire. So, how can we be better prepared?

Know your business. Know your risks. Know your plan.

1.   Know your business

Determine the core processes and procedures of your business activities. Understand how these may be affected during an emergency and who are the key personnel needed to run your business. Be prepared, and know what your customers need in advance as they are likely to have the same, if not higher, expectations during an emergency.

2.   Know your risks

Determining which events will affect the functionality of your business and forecasting your customers’ requirements, will help you develop your processes and solutions to ensure your business is able to continue to run, regardless of a disruption.

3.   Know your plan

Design your business continuity plan with your team and write it down. Having a plan will enable the business to prepare staff through training and practicing the relevant procedures. It will act as a reference for staff and new team members. By including some preparedness messaging in your plan, you’ll be able to communicate with your customers early in the emergency and help ease any concerns.

Business continuity planning is simple and you are not alone. When designing your preparedness strategy, check out local resources, tools and templates to get started. Some of our favorites include:

Personal Preparedness:

·         Get Prepared

Business Preparedness:

·         The City of Vancouver

·         The City of Surrey

·         North Shore Emergency Management

·         Emergency Prepared Industry and Commerce Council (EPICC).

The whole process of being prepared serves as a great way of getting to know your business more intimately. Understanding it can only enhance it. And if you enhance it, then your business becomes more resilient and more prepared! Don't hesitate to contact us for a further in-depth look at business continuity planning or additional resource suggestions.