Managing risk is becoming a best practice in multiple industries and CCEM provides scalable services that help your organization mitigate risks and manage emergencies effectively.

business continuity management


CCEM has performed reviews and assessments of emergency management and business continuity programs across a wide range of private and public organizations including local authority, provincial government, the healthcare sector, electric and natural gas utilities, generation facilities (dams) and the oil and gas industry with expertise in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and oil.

We assess performance of the business continuity and emergency management programs against your goals and objectives, as well as against relevant best practices and industry standards.

business critical continuity


Whether your organization has an established emergency management and business continuity program, or is looking to enhance the plans and procedures in place, CCEM will build upon best practices to craft strategic recommendations that will enhance resilience and support a coordinated, effective response should your organization be faced with an adverse event.

emergency preparedness


CCEM has extensive experience with exercise design, conduct and evaluation ranging in scale from internal discussion-based table top exercises to multi-agency, multi-jurisdiction full scale operations-based exercises.  

Realistic scenarios are designed to foster a positive learning environment, which enables participants the opportunity to practice response actions and receive coaching, while validating plans and procedures in place.

emergency management


CCEM possesses an innate appreciation of relevant issues and challenges. We are sensitive to complex, multi-stakeholder relations.  Facilitation of speaking engagements, coaching and event debriefs are some of the areas where our team can offer support and advice.


CCEM Strategies will work with you to assess your organization’s requirements and design strategic emergency management and business continuity solutions.

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