Ensuring your organization is prepared for and equipped to manage emergencies is key to a successful recovery if the unexpected occurs.

From knowing who is responsible for emergency management within your organization to understanding what to do when the fire alarm alerts you to evacuate your office, it’s imperative for the safety of personnel and the continuity of your business operations, that procedures are in place to address hazards and mitigate risk.

Your aim is to achieve organizational resilience, but you need the capability and resources to prepare for and manage emergencies efficiently.  Confirming your organization complies with legislative and regulatory requirements; having the necessary resources and plans to support response and recovery; and conducting training and exercises to build capacity and resilience- these all form the foundation for a successful strategy.

In recent years, emergency and continuity management professionals have seen increased investment from organizations looking to enhance strategies and establish robust programs. If faced with an emergency, could your organization withstand, and recover, from extreme weather events, deliberate attacks or industrial accidents?

At CCEM Strategies, our team’s diverse backgrounds and extensive technical knowledge offer expertise in emergency and continuity management. With experience across a spectrum of industries including government, utilities, transportation, oil and gas and NGOs — we have a deep understanding of the relevant issues and challenges facing organizations in business continuity and emergency management.

To support your organization in enhancing preparedness and resilience, CCEM Strategies is here to help! We offer professional solutions, and can support your emergency and business continuity management needs with tailored programs to meet your organization’s mission, culture and operational environment.

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