With floods and wildfires on the rise, we need to think outside of our offices and homes, and take a look at our schools, too. It’s one thing for teachers to be Masters of Disasters, but what about your students? Have you trained them to be ready for  earthquakes, floods and lockdowns?

If you’d like to educate your students in interactive, yet fun lessons but aren’t sure where to start, DreamRider’s Emergency Preparedness Squad might just be the resource you’re looking for! They teach emergency preparedness that supports curriculum standards for Grades K-7.

Their program is fully funded to teachers across BC, so there’s no need to fret about budget. Their resources will help you:

  • Meet BC's redesigned curriculum standards in arts, science, language and social studies, as well as core competencies
  • Save time with 4x1hr pre-planned lessons - no training required
  • Engage diverse learners through a fun art-based and interdisciplinary approach

Want to learn more? Check out their two-minute video for a quick overview!

To sign your class up for an interactive lesson, visit their website.